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The seminal metal group Starkweather’s comeback CROATAN is an eight-track release that transcends the typical metalcore moniker placed on the band by integrating doom, death, prog, and sludge metal into its caustic concoction. This Philadelphia-based creature has been summoned out of an over a decade long slumber, and by the sounds of tracks like the lumbering “Slither” and the hauntingly colossal “Machine Rhythm Confessional”, Starkweather’s has awakened angry and lusting for blood. Thankfully, this underground metal sensation blows the dust off with relative ease, letting loose a juggernaut of an album whose massive depth and unquestionably menacing aura found on tracks like “Vespertilian” makes for an unsettlingly mystifying listening experience that fans of everything from Mastodon to Zao should absolutely make time for.
- Mike SOS