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It's hard to believe, but Soilwork is on its fifth album in only five years, and the band shows no signs of slowing down. This latest 11-track effort find the Swedish sextet once again breaking barriers and challenging themselves musically and creatively, making for yet another stalwart collection of Swedish metal with a twist of innovation. From the meaty riffages of the title track to the mechanical resonance of the futuristic "Light the Torch", Soilwork truly combines memorable choruses with harsh melodies suitable for moshpit frenzy, generating its own unique blend of metal that fans across the globe can appreciate. FIGURE NUMBER FIVE also highlights a band that is comfortable enough to manipulate dynamics, like the acoustic guitar verse meets sonic choral crush of "Departure Plan", as well as allow its songs to explore different avenues, without straying from delivering slabs of ferocious metal, a technique that puts Soilwork on top of the Swedish metal pile.
- Mike SOS