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Hailing from Sweden (like most incredible metal offerings seemingly do these days), Gadget’s charred grindcore style and dastardly blackened death metal stance is as caustic and visceral as it gets. THE FUNERAL MARCH is a 17-track beast able to smack the hell out of you with doomy blast beats, ferocious death growls, and unforgiving guitar and bass riffs found on such headache causers as “Choked” and “Tristessens Fort”. Picking up where Nasum, Napalm Death, and Carcass left off, Gadget grabs the ball and scores big, even as so far as to throw touched of Entombed into its mix on tracks like “Out of Pace” as a bit of a breather in preparation for the madness of tracks like “I Am” and “H5N1”. Brace yourself to be bowled over with the foreboding frenzy that this disc discharges.
- Mike SOS