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A veritable hotbed for Hot Topic punk, St. Louis, MO yields another band in So They Say, a quintet whose 11-track album ANTIDOTE FOR IRONY comfortably fits the mold made by bands like The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, and Hawthorne Heights. Songs like the electronically-tinged hard rocker “A Beautiful Plan”, the hooky and melodic “In Essence We Are Falling”, and the minutely anguished vibe of “Good-Bye” not only give the kids a chance to pump their fists and scream in unison, but also gives the band a forum to display its contagious brand of heavy handed pop-punk. While the super saturation of the particular genre this unit belongs to coupled with the lack of distinction songs like “Anxiety is Setting In” share from the countless bands flooding the market ultimately dispels So They Say’s impending emergence from the rest of the pack, ANTIDOTE FOR IRONY may be far from original, but it definitely shines as bright as any band currently in heavy rotation on Fuse or tackling the VFW/ small club circuit.
- Mike SOS