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Los Angeles alternative rockers Maderpore (translated from Latin to mean “mother stone”) have a distinct sound running throughout the quartet’s 14-track disc. From the hard rocking exuberance of “Put a Hole Through Me” and “Picture” to the mellower college rock tinge of “The Part of Me You’ve Thrown Away”, this band, comprised from both Mexican and Asian heritage (and who lapse into Spanish rock territory on tracks like “Dejame Ser”), have effortlessly combined sugary hooks and jagged riffs like a blend of Seether and Fenix TX. Showcasing an aggressive edge while retaining arena-shaking refrains and atmospheric rock verses, OVERBLOWN takes snippets of The Clash, The Cure, 10 Years, AFI, and Deftones and makes a captivatingly catchy crossover endeavor that fans of Warped Tour punk and radio-friendly rock alike will undoubtedly agree on.
- Mike SOS