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Waterdown’s latest offering is an 11-track adrenaline rush from start to finish, as this German sextet return after a three-year hiatus with ALL RIOT. Meshing Refused’s experimental screamo with the new breed of American hardcore’s devastating discord, tracks like “Sleep Well” and “Repeater” rip through the speakers with unbridled fury, while “Chewing on Lies” merges the scream/sing aesthetic without a hitch. Giving obvious props to bands like Grade and Snapcase (especially guitar-wise throughout the disc and who the band go out of their way to posthumously thank), Waterdown’s left of center hardcore approach, tasteful breakdowns (check out “Parasite” for proof), and well measured abrasiveness make ALL RIOT an album that mixes old school sounds and new school thought for one raucous listening experience.
- Mike SOS