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Combining brutal music with harshly poignant social stances, Remembering Never’s goal is not to make friends but instead to speak loudly, tell the truth, but most importantly be true to themselves. GOD SAVE US is the battle cry this quintet wields on this 14-track moshfest with a message, as topics from gay marriage to internet shit talking are on Mean Pete’s mind and bellow from his vitriolic throat. Backed by an abundance of metallic riffs, bludgeoning rhythms, and volatile breakdowns, songs like “Suicide Hotline on Speed Dial” and “White Devil” amplify the outfit’s frustrations with the world with savage grace and an unabashed viciousness. Remembering Never may strive to inform, forewarn, and educate, but mainly they aim right for your head with its slung arrows of vengeance and bruising hardcore tactics.
- Mike SOS