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The album’s title translates from Swedish as “times of plague”, and the eight-track offering by this traditional Swedish metal troupe plays with the same foreboding feel. Sung entirely in Swedish (for the first time, by the way), Thyrfing’s Viking-esque style and implementations of folk and synths shape the unit’s uncooked black metal presentation into a smorgasbord of evil. Tracks like “Host” get the mid-tempo guttural growl down pat, while “Elddagjamning” provides that slowburning demonic black metal pace that so many bands seemingly try hard to nail, but often fail. Thyrfing’s ambitious endeavor holds up as one of the more well-textured yet gloomy albums on the scene today, right along side November’s Doom and Old Man’s Child in the running for best portrayal of unadulterated black metal with old world influence.
- Mike SOS