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Featuring members of Darkane and Devin Townsend Band, Non-Human Level’s metallic credibility is pretty much a lock, and the 10-track collection doesn’t disappoint. Delving deep into not only the quartet’s Swedish roots, Bay Area thrash and intricate Tampa death metals both turn up quite a bit on the self-titled debut, making songs like “Personal Hell” excruciatingly effective. Taking cues from fellow countrymen’s bands by creating catchy hooks inside of seething riffs a la In Flames, Non-Human Level does a solid job interlocking its influences so that an unspoiled flow of metal can seep through, even when they decide to roll out a church organ in the middle of “Instincts”. Death, Testament, Soilwork, and At the Gates combined? That basically sums up what you get from this disc.
- Mike SOS