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Despite having one of the lamest names you’ve ever heard, this Chicago-based outfit, featuring Rick Wartell from Trouble, kicks ass in the same way that Alice in Chains used to before their demise. On the nine-track debut (which took a decade to be released), hypnotically driven guitars lead the charge on the powerful “Outside a Hole”, while a stripped-down “Left Behind” blows the dust off the Seattle sound for another go-round with some bluesy, Badlands-esque seeds planted. Anyone that enjoyed Trouble through the years will dig on the ballsy “Don’t Put Me Down”, as the trademark guitar sound is all over this one, but with a less doom rock feel. While some will cry rip off, Wet Animal’s disc updates gloom and doom rock by taking elements of harder grunge rock of the ‘90s while baring stunning likenesses to Alice in Chains’ best works and range of motion.
- Mike SOS