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Jacknife is a Dallas, TX based quintet whose New Wave of American Metal meets Texan hardcore thrash style is served with a boot up the ass and no questions asked on MOMENT OF RECKONING. This explosive 12-track entity successfully straddles the line between power groove metal and death metal tinged hardcore on tracks like “A Glimpse of Hell” and “Breaking Away”. Relentlessly uncoiling a dastardly concoction of punishing guitar riffs which dually emulate Maiden as much as At the Gates, bottom heavy low ended rhythms that will shake the fillings from your teeth, and versatile vocals that rise from guttural growls to high end shrieking, songs like “Destined to Rise” and the title cut showcase a band not content until the entire floor is moving and the patrons are bloody and sweaty. Fusing the gap between hardcore and metal, if you dig Lamb of God as much as you do Hatebreed, you’ll go insane for these guys and their solid metal assault.
- Mike SOS