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What the hell is a meatjack? Well, besides sounding like it belongs as a slaughterhouse apparatus, it also is the name of a raging trio that hails from Maryland. Stoner rock and sludge metal combine with the proper hallucinogenic to create DAYS OF FIRE, a 10-track loud rock fest that likens itself to bands like High On Fire and Mastodon. Only this time around, Meatjack drop heavy loads of metallic riffs, such as the piledriving "Cold Fight" in between layered lushness, found in the dreamy "Sea of Tranquility" and the down home acoustic stomp of "Blue". Crossing the love of the redneck with the love of Sabbath may seem like a risky maneuver, yet Meatjack provide the musicianship and creative flow to make it all not just happen, but to make it work quite well. If you like your stoner sludge jumbled up a bit, allow Meatjack to infiltrate your CD player.
- Mike SOS