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Swedish quintet Skanska Mord executes an authentic blend of blues-metal swing and 70’s hard rock power on their sophomore effort PATHS TO CHARON. Laying down comprehensive bursts of Zeppelin bombast (“The Ambassadeur”), soulful grooves (“Laggasen”), and down and out blues metal wailings (“A Black Day”) with tasty twin guitars, dynamic rhythmic thickness (“Alien Encounters”), and a commanding lead vocalist with gritty and powerful pipes, this troupe digs up and doles out the fuzzed-out feelings and dangerous rock ‘n roll spirit found in the music from yesteryear. Truly capturing the vivid nature and sweet tones from the bell-bottom era (“The Flood”) with a slice of grunge-era Seattle on the side, Skanska Mord showcases a versatile swagger and consistent stomp to anoint this release as a must listen to for fans of Soundgarden, Deep Purple, and any of the recent revivalist acts springing up from Sweden in the last few years. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS