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Does anyone remember the days when bands put the music before everything else and poured their heart and soul into their album to make every song an epic experience? The gentlemen who comprise Washington’s Stone Axe work their ass off to keep those old school rock ‘n roll home fires burning on their latest offering entitled STONE AXE II. Don’t let the lack of creativity from the title fool you, as this unit’s rich musical scope falls smack dab into the blues-driven British rock of the 1970’s category (“The Devil’s Hand”), referencing such luminaries as Bad Company, Cream (whose track “SWLABR” is lovingly recreated by the group here) Whitesnake, and Deep Purple with their warm retro vibes and gargantuan chops (“Metal Damage”) leading the charge (“King of Everything”). This 25-track release combines choice studio cuts, leftovers from their first album, and a few live tracks for maximum listening pleasure, issuing a welcome reprieve from the usual malaise-filled malarkey the music industry dumps on the hapless audience. -Mike SOS
- Mike SOS