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With a name like Loincloth, you can only imagine what kind of sword-wielding, mead-drinking, castle-raiding metallic goodness this trio would be able to muster. Only problem is, this seasoned triage of musicians (scaled down from a quartet after the departure of riffmaster general and ex-Breadwinner six-string slinger Pen Rollings and featuring 2/3’s of lauded thrash act Confessor) offer way more mathematical metal movements than Manowar-esque mannerisms, resulting in a dizzying array of top shelf multi-faceted metal sans vocals or out of touch self-indulgence most instrumental groups have the tendency to mire in. Brimming over with short, swift strikes of technically sound and crushingly heavy tunes with tongue in cheek titles like “Underwear Bomb” and “The Moistener”, this squad’s debut offering comes over a decade after their initial introduction yet contains a barrage of material more than worth the wait for the most brazen of metal fan to thoroughly enjoy. –Mike SOS
- Mike SOS