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While the admiration for fellow prog metallers Between the Buried and Me is very much apparent, Mesquite, TX quintet White Arms of Athena’s 10-track offering ASTRODRAMA exhibits a fly off the handle virulence with an ambitious artistic flair that absolves them of being labeled as a mere clone, even if at times it is virtually impossible to tell the two apart. With a daring twin guitar tandem commanding attention through a flurry of furious and soulful expressions (“Crown Chakra”), this troupe slices its way through multiple metal genres with punishing precision and displays a bevy of bold and brutal chops that effortlessly runs the spectrum from intricate technicality to destructively bludgeoning. Boasting jawdropping musicianship and a firm grasp on the modern metal playbook, White Arms of Athena are amongst the new bands in the prog metal realm to keep an eye on.
- Mike SOS