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Scale The Summit return with another rousing instrumental affair entitled THE COLLECTIVE. This unit’s latest batch of 11 tunes showcases the massive levels of dexterity and versatility this squad owns, constantly shifting from intricately elegant metal to odd-metered jazz interludes to pristine movements evoking complete serenity at a moment’s notice. Holding back from rearing back and completely going off to allow space and breath between the dazzling twin guitar interplay and deft rhythm section’s masterful work, this Houston-based troupe perpetuates a salvo of writing cohesively complex songs in lieu of writing songs that serve merely as vehicles to display their proficient playing abilities, resulting in this album yielding a multitude of breathtaking moments where this outfit’s musical majesty truly shines (“Gallows”). Skillfully fusing virtuosity with atmosphere (“Black Hills”), Scale the Summit’s progressive mindset and softer impressions may not captivate those unaccustomed to a singer-less band right off the bat, yet after a few spins of their luxurious layering, subtle technical prowess and spot-on dynamics (“Alpenglow”), Scale the Summit’s unquestionable musicianship and surprising sense of self-editing are undeniably brilliant.
- Mike SOS