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Gozu get it right on their nine-track stoner rock powder keg debut entitled LOCUST SEASON. Crafting the perfect amalgamation of the griminess of Kyuss and the swagger of Queens of the Stone Age, this Boston based quartet maintain a cavernous bottom end while dispensing contagious stoner metal melodies that combining tasty guitar lines and clever vocal devices (“Kam Fong as Chin Ho”). But there’s more to this troupe’s attack than desert rock time travel, as this squad throws in a slew of psychedelic musical diversions and groovy metal licks as well as a load of timeless blues rock rhythms (“Jamaican Luau”) to create a stylistic sizzle that yields repeated bouts of head-bobbing bliss (“Meth Cowboy”). LOCUST SEASON is a must-have album for anyone who reveres Fu Manchu, Dixie Witch, or early Clutch.
- Mike SOS