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Satanic Swedish unit Ghost provides a solid yet head-scratching nine-track affair entitled OPUS EPONYMOUS. This quintet (whose identities are shrouded in secrecy via evil priest costumes) has comprised quite the buzz by delivering the listener to evil realms with an unusually fitted combination of Hammond organ accoutrements and classic metal guitar noodles in line with progressive rock pioneers than torch bearing Beelzebub worshippers. Not exactly the sound you’d expect from a band whose song titles include “Satan Prayer” and “Ritual”, yet Ghost’s uber-clean musical output is far from lightweight, as it consistently contains a sinister underbelly emphasized by a rollicking bass and drum tandem that underscores the sweet harmonies throughout the entire affair (“Con Clavi Con Dio”). Top it off with a vocalist whose mid-range croon weighs in more melodic than menacing (“Prime Mover”) and OPUS EPONYMOUS renders a wondrous listening experience to followers of bands such as King Hobo, Mercyful Fate, Pentagram, and Blue Oyster Cult who need to satiate their diabolical side.
- Mike SOS