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Holy Mother, a metal act whose lineup consists of members from both Long Island and Europe, wheels out its penchant for the good old days of metal on the 10-track AGORAPHOBIA. Screaming lead vocals that harkens back to Dio, old school Axl, and Halford are layered over crunchy, explosive metal riffs and rollicking rhythms. Despite the outfit getting a bit overwrought at times (as most metal often does), Holy Mother manages to keep the heart of hard rock beating strong throughout, mixing in everything from Megadeth-like guitar runs to falsetto metal shrills. Holy Mother even go as far as covering the Ozzy-era Black Sabbath classic "Never Say Die", capping off a real deal heavy metal endeavor in fine form. If you're seeking a metal band to bang your head to in the traditional way, look no further than Holy Mother.
- Mike SOS