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Rabid and rapid fire from the get-go, Philadelphia trio Thee Nosebleeds showcase a raucous yet stylized blend of tough as nails hard rock and streetwise punk on their 13-track self-titled album. With a hearty helping of Motorhead, Nashville Pussy, Zeke, and Antiseen in their arsenal, this troupe blasts out of the gate with the kind of high octane rock ‘n roll firepower embodying the rebelliousness of rock to the max. Wistful punk (“As Fast as You Can”) and drowsy blues (“Pigfoot’s Revenge”, “Goner”) also appear throughout the disc while a suggested hip shaking swagger can be detected in between blistering cuts like the minute-long “California”. Thee Nosebleeds turn out to be as no frills and smash and grab as you will find, armed with strong hooks, a rock ‘n roll backbone, and an unapologetically in your face attitude (“South Street Shooting Spree”) propelling their take no prisoners attack.
- Mike SOS