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The latest release from the tireless hardcore troupe Shai Halud has finally been bestowed upon us, and it is worth the wait. After a long layoff from recording, this hardcore juggernaut is back with a vengeance, armed with 10 tracks mixing the beautiful and brutal as only this South Florida outfit has for nearly a decade. Wonder where all of your favorite hardcore flavor of the month bands cut their collective teeth? Odds are on Shai Halud, as not only does the band defy musical boundaries and classification by weaving metal, hardcore, punk, and God knows what else, but they have quite possibly the most verbose lyrics this side of Shakespeare, at times sans music reading like a Transcendental poet. Shai Halud's new album shouldn't be adored as much as it should be dissected, studied, and fully understood, much like a college-level text or a philosophical reading, as it shares many of those qualities besides encompassing the brute energy to overwhelm your musical understanding.
- Mike SOS