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While the lineup of Seven Witches reads like a who's who of heavy metal, this well known quartet checks its ego at the door and concentrates on bringing the metal hard and heavy. Thankfully, Seven Witches delivers the goods in the vein of classic and power metal heroes Judas Priest and Manowar, as this band that boasts the talents of both Jack Frost (Metallium, Savatage) and Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Engine), two very accomplished metal masters. Add in the tragedy of Frost's brother succumbing to cancer, the crux of most of PASSAGE's lyrical content, and the listener is given a musical tour de force brimming over with passion and emotion, all the while keeping the spirit of bone crunching hard music alive. There's not a lot of feel good music on here, but there is a plethora of metal that hits hard and ultimately, serves as a type of healing for Frost and his bandmates. What better method is there to heal than through the gift of music, especially when it's done this well?
- Mike SOS