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Ramallah is the new vehicle for Rob Lind, aka White Trash Rob, founding father of the seminal East Coast hardcore group Blood for Blood. This time around, Rob takes his tongue out of his cheek and gets nastier than ever, opening up the listener to his opinion and collectively letting loose on an American society that's going straight to the shitter. Never one to hold back, Ramallah's musical output lacks the "light heartedness" of Blood For Blood, but makes up for its voided sense of humor by telling it truly like it is, bare bones and without pulling punches. Lind does everything on this album but the drums, and the pacing of the record shows a determined man with a mission in mind, as the nine tracks that comprise BUT A WHIMPER batter your conscience with one man's view of the scary place that this world can be. Heart wrenching and eye opening, Ramallah hits like a bullet to the brain and doesn't let up, as even the haunting acoustic tune "True Crime" deals with the unspeakable act of child abuse and its after effects. Ramallah isn't only a heavy, heavily opinionated side project as much as it is a wake up call for the world.
- Mike SOS