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BEST SERVED COLD is an all-encompassing posthumous offering by revered UK grindcore gang Narcosis. Containing 51 tracks chronicling all of this face-shattering troupe's split 7"'s, EP's, and full-lengths, this disc is perfect for completists, as no stone is left unturned when this noise mongering squad scoured their vaults. This caustic affair does a fine job of prepping the new jacks and satisfying diehards, as the reintroduction of classic bits of frenzy such as "Broken Finger Stranglehold", "It's Not a Birthmark, It's a Bruise" and "If Being a Cunt Was People, You'd Be China" still sounds relevant and utterly relentless. Throw in a set of liner notes which runs down Narcosis' tumultuous run of endless lineup changes and broken spirits written with a casual narrative that charmingly radiates as if you're having a conversation over a pint, and this collection's flaws (disparity in sound quality and repeated tracks) nearly becomes forgivable, as you're too busy banging your head to care.
- Mike SOS