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Dark and dramatic, Swedish symphonic metal trio Netherbird adorn their latest 13-track effort with a brash production chock full of the accoutremental bells and whistles similarly heard by acts such as Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir. Championing a sound that distributes black metal malevolence ("Blood Orchid"), classic metal composition, and doom metal heft, THE GHOST COLLECTOR also implements a flurry of grandiose ideas into its songwriting paradigm to reinforce their metal at the opera aura ("Carcass Symphony", "Forever Mournful"), at times sounding like a bastardized concoction of Amon Amarth and Nightwish. Meshing a theatrical vibe with a broad palette of metal, Netherbird provide a mental metal escape into another landscape that screams for a screenplay to be written.
- Mike SOS