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Finnish sextet Omnium Gatherum, fresh off their last release STUCK HERE ON SNAKE'S WAY, return with another 11-track endeavor entitled THE REDSHIFT. This melodic death metal unit's latest batch of tunes demonstrates this act's versatile composition skills, as this album branches out from the usual melodeath malaise long enough to dabble in Goth metal, progressive, and doom for a more revealing glimpse at a band who,despite making headway, still seem to be searching for their niche. While tracks like "Shadowkey" sound a bit rote and par for the In Flames meets Dark Tranquility course, tracks like the mid-tempo mauling brought on by "Shapes and Shades" give off Machine Head-esque power, instrumental "Song for December" provides a welcomes somber break in the action and "No Breaking Point" and "Greeneyes" cleverly intertwine the wares of Moonspell and Katatonia for an intriguing dip into the gloom and doom realm. Ominum Gatherum's well-versed metal approach keeps listeners engrossed throughout yet a bit more fine-tuning may sharpen this squad's output for the next time around.
- Mike SOS