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Sticking to the cowpunk attitude meets raw rock 'n roll formula they've been championing for over a decade, Nashville Pussy returns with another batch of road ready boogie friendly whiskey-soaked hellbound tunes on the 12-track FROM HELL TO TEXAS. Never ones to shy from subtleties, songs like the fiery "I'm So High" and "Drunk Driving Man" are self-explanatory accounts direct from the hard living rock lifestyle, while tracks like "Pray for the Devil" showcase Ruyter Suys' formidable Gibbons meets Perry guitar chops and "Why Why Why" and "Late Great USA" display this tandem's ability to pump out contagious hand-clapped and cowbell friendly hooks that get the whole crowd moving. Bursting at the seams with songs about drugs, drinking, drinking, and drugs, Nashville Pussy continues its chug on its raucous rock route, huffed up on whatever they can get their paws on, not afraid to share a taste of its non-stop country-fried rock attack.
- Mike SOS