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Fresh off previous effort ENEMY OF GOD, German thrash titans Kreator return sharper and more focused with another batch of devastating thrash metal goodness titled HORDES OF CHAOS. Showing no signs of slowing down, Mille Petrozza and company blast through the gates whether you like it or not with all guns blazing ("Warcurse"), giving contemporaries such as Slayer ("Absolute Misanthropy", "Destroy What Destroys You") a run for thrash metal supremacy. Infusing the tried and true thrash metal method of their '80s selves complete with guitar gymnastics galore while exhibiting a bevy of hooks like never before ("Hordes of Chaos", "Radical Resistance"), this veteran unit's ripping rejuvenation renders this album with the warmongering aura that reaffirms Kreator's spot amongst the thrash metal elite.
- Mike SOS