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For those bound to be confused, let's straighten it out; there are two metal acts sharing the same band name Silencer. DIVISIONS is the latest release by the veteran Denver, CO version Silencer, not the most recent disc from diabolical and twisted Swedish suicide metal troupe Silencer. Now that formalities are out of the way, what should you expect from this quintet that has been around since the late '90s and boasts acts like Judas Priest and Carcass amongst its influences? Think loads of Euro melodeath shreddery intertwined with shards of Strapping Young Lad's technicality for starters, as cuts such as "The Mind Races" and "Main Sequence" are equipped with an abundance of surgically placed yet sterile riff and percussion one-two incisions while tasteful guitar solos galore adorn "Panoptic" and "P6MK" and Meshuggah-esque staccato fury reveals itself on "Effigy in Suspension". Sounding decisively Swedish in the vocal realm (bands like Soilwork and Mnemic immediately come to mind), this unit's undeniably powerful presence shines brightest on cuts which sturdily cement their contribution to the modern death/thrash paradigm like "Suppressor", yet for all the merits DIVISIONS garnishes for durability, there's little to be heard here that hasn't been covered before or substantially stands out to assist them from standing above and beyond the proficient pack.
- Mike SOS