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Lumberingly heavy, Fiftywatthead flattens your head with a ruthless attack of sonic bombast with slight psychedelic overtones on the eight-track FOGCUTTER. Viscous guitars hurl lava-soaked boulders for riffs ("Followed by Thunder", "Iron Clad") while the valiant rhythm section fortifies homebase ("Last Leg", "Seadawg") with demonic vocal conjurings resonating the warmongering mantra of High on Fire interpreted by Melvins ("Capsized") lead the charge. There's also a slew of creepy noise rock entities dispersed throughout the course of this intriguing offering to round out this Canadian troupe's ominous brand of stoner metal that specializes in providing punishing heft with a sinister sneer, leaving Fiftywatthead a multitude of weapons at their disposal to crush your soul.
- Mike SOS