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Hailing from the Bay Area, this quintet comprised of three males and two females (which includes a female vocalist that unquestionably wails), is an eccentric mix of Goth, black, thrash and death metal. Boasting eight tracks of unique ambiance and sheer defiance, Ludicra's sonic assault even contains elements of punk rock and epic metal, making this band more interesting after every listen. HOLLOW PSALMS contains some of the most seething metal heard on these shores, yet it's the band's ability to shifts tempos mid-stream that makes it such an enigmatic delight. With these amazingly well timed yet utterly fantastic breakdowns in place, during the course of one tune, you could hear snippets of Slayer, Sabbath, Cradle of Filth and Dead Can Dance, as is the case in "Hollow Promise". How's that for diversity? Truly compelling and well crafted, Ludicra have turned the metal world on its ear thanks to creative genre hopping and a barrage of real metal fury.
- Mike SOS