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If Stonerider ever decides to hang it up, this quartet have a bonafide career in recycling in their future, as all they do on THREE LEGS OF TROUBLE is rehash Skynyrd, AC/DC, Kid Rock, and Sunset Strip cock rock ad nauseam. Insipid lyrics, blatantly ripped-off riffs, an earsplitting excessive use of the wah pedal, and uninspired cover tunes (Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog") aside, this disc is steeped in cliches and is unabashedly painful to listen to even if you can remotely muster an appreciation for the type of mind-numbing combination these guys attempt. Scraping from the bottom of the southern rock/hair metal/arena rock barrels to comprise this hot mess of an album, only if your penchant for pain is set to high would you be able to endure this abominable impression of muscle car mullet-fed hard rock.
- Mike SOS