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Flywheel is a New York based troupe that utilizes heavy melodics to get its radio friendly metal across to the masses. Imagine if Godsmack had a singer with depth and range and you've got an idea of what Flywheel's 13-track disc sounds like. There are also hints of progressive metal a la Dream Theater, Queensryche, and King's X here, thanks to some sturdy fretwork and clever song structuring, as well as a strong sense of soul. Yes, folks, something which a lot of rock music lacks, the good old sounds of soul. Flywheel definitely exhibits it, whether it be through the harmonically pristine vocals or a dynamic musical interlude, there's a deliberate snap to Flywheel's rock 'n' roll that a lot of bands just can't duplicate, a gift bound to put this band in the forefront of the rock world.
- Mike SOS