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If you thought that the first release from F-Minus was something to behold, wait until you hear how the outfit come back frothing at the mouth on its latest 15-track, Steve Albini produced punk rock gem. Stripping down to the bare essentials of punk rock, this California based quartet produces a seething display of aggression that stands up right next to seminal releases of bands like Black Flag, TSOL and Minor Threat. Evoking a sense of urgency with each impassioned scream, dual vocalists Brad Logan and Erica Daking do the punk rock community justice by bringing back some much needed balls to singers everywhere, while the musical backdrop behind it all contains all of the grace and charm of a five-car pile up on the expressway. Just check out the twin screaming on the title track, indicative of the punk rock nightmare F-Minus conveniently storyboards out for all the unsuspecting. No wonder why F-Minus are one of NYHC heroes Sick of it All's favorite bands, as both bands channel the frustration and aggression into delectable nuggets we all can mosh along to.
- Mike SOS