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Considering how Norway's Susperia contains former members of Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon, you'd assume that this would be a very dark affair. Yet this quintet take more from the thrash metal heyday with a discernible jolt of modern melodic metal's malaise for good measure on the 11-track CUT FROM STONE. Excellent riffs like the ones decorating the title cut and "Brother" are just some of the many strengths this troupe has to offer, as the double bass drumming and well-balanced vocal attack also garnish props on tracks like "Release" and "Bound to Come". Fret not, metal folk, Susperia may not be as ominous as the band member's former projects, yet this album's deliberate thrash metal guitar approach rivals that of Testament while the modern spin thrown into the mix is bound to make fans of In Flames quite happy.
- Mike SOS