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Leave it to Mike Patton and crew to interpret history and heritage into ANONYMOUS, the oddly endearing latest release by Tomahawk. Basing their work on unearthing uncredited Native American songs and rearranging them to give a modern feel, this 13-track disc is radiant with luscious sprinkles of Southwestern instrumentation intertwined with whatever stylistic curveballs the trio's undeniable musical think tank extraordinaire can come up with to explore these forgotten musical paths. Tracks like "Mescsal Rite 2" kick the tribal beats to the 21st Century thanks to electronic throb, while "Long, Long Weary Day" puts shimmering '50s guitar twang to the test in an old time parlor song, holding up in part via the endless sustain. Both acting as experimental project and archival find, this release is a guilty pleasure disc for both band and listener, ultimately rendering a monumental listen when able to cut through boundary lines and expectations.
- Mike SOS