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Emmure is a volatile East Coast metalcore quintet whose 10 track debut GOODBYE TO THE GALLOWS dextrously meshes numerous strains of heavy together to make their distinctly savage wall of sound. You'll hear bits and pieces of Every Time I Die, Carcass, A Life Once Lost, Bury Your Dead, Meshuggah and Killswitch Engage unified with a tough guy hardcore coating and death metal bravado across this entire disc, tailor-made for the shirtless kids in the pit to collide into by. This 30-minute meal is being haughtily touted as "the heaviest disc of 2007", and while its massive heft does make a significant impact on your cranium, some of the innocuous and formulaic song structures and lyrical content deny them from that lofty title. Nonetheless, these boys crank, and have the guts to mix it up with a lot more demonic firepowert han your average metalcore clan, earning GOODBYE TO THE GALLOWS some blackened brownie points. Horns up and guard on, Emmure's a band looking to brawl.
- Mike SOS