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A blistering aural attack comes courtesy of Oklahoma's Exitium, whose 12-track extreme excursion whips up a contemptuous cacophony of Swedish grind and Cookie Monster-style death metal. "Belligerent Rage" makes the most of whinnying whammy bars and breakneck blast beats in under two minutes, "Prorated Peace of Mind" triumphantly incorporates the hardcore punk beat and death metal pig squeal, and "Only in Death" benefits from the less than pristine production by adding an organic chaos to the already impending madness. While there may be other grind bands that are faster, sharper, and perhaps more punishing, OUTSOURCING MORALITY's charm lies in the twin vocal onslaught that merges death and grind in addition to the fuzzed out, in your face way in which the album was captured.
- Mike SOS