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After a four-year hiatus, The Hope Conspiracy have returned with their bitterness as intact and harsh as their New England hometown's winter season, climbing back on to the rooftops to lash out against everything from the state of America to their opinion on the hardcore scene on DEATH KNOWS YOUR NAME. Taking lyrical inspiration from George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM as well as everyday life's enraging entities, this unapologetic 11-track affair takes you by the throat and haphazardly shakes the shit out of you until you're crying like a kid lost in the supermarket. Tracks like "Animal Farm" intertwine seething vocals with a no-nonsense musical assault, only to be followed by "Curse of the Oil Snakes" and its manic mid-paced molten riffs. In fact, the best thing about this disc is the flow of the album, as it rarely gets out of step to mercilessly pound you to the ground. Demonstrating an all-around ferocity encased with flurries of volatile punk rock and genuine bonecrushing hardcore, The Hope Conspiracy's anger is a gift tot hose looking for something to clobber stuff to.
- Mike SOS